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Toast Night Light: Creative USB-Charged Dimmable LED Lamp

Toast Night Light: Creative USB-Charged Dimmable LED Lamp

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Creative Toast Design:

This lamp's design is inspired by the playful shape of a toast, offering both functionality and a unique aesthetic to your bedroom. It's not just a lamp; it's a conversation starter.

Lever-Style Switch: 

Enjoy the novelty of turning on your night light with a whimsical lever switch, reminiscent of a bread machine's control. This engaging feature makes using your lamp a delightful experience each time.

Freely Adjustable Brightness:

With the capability to adjust the light intensity, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any situation. Whether you need a soft glow for a relaxing evening or brighter light for reading, this lamp adapts to your needs.

Built-In Timer for Auto Shut-Off:

Ideal for bedtime use, the built-in timer allows you to set a shutdown time, ensuring the light turns off automatically after you fall asleep. This feature helps conserve energy and promotes better sleep hygiene by minimizing light exposure during sleep.

USB Charging&Included Charging Cable

This lamp is equipped with a USB charging port for easy and convenient recharging.Each lamp comes with its own USB charging cable, so you can start using your new light right out of the box without the need for additional purchases.

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