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2-in-1 Draining and Preservation Basket: Simplify Washing & Storing

2-in-1 Draining and Preservation Basket: Simplify Washing & Storing

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Enclosed Quick-Wash System:

 Seal and shake to quickly wash your fruits and vegetables, reducing prep time and keeping your kitchen mess-free. This feature ensures a thorough clean while containing the water splash.

Rotating Lid Mechanism:

 Our draining basket comes with an innovative rotating lid that can be easily opened or closed with a simple twist. This design allows for quick access when adding or removing produce and seals tightly to ensure the contents stay fresh and clean during washing or storage.

Multi-Use Versatility:

 Designed for more than just washing, this basket can be used for soaking, rinsing, and storing various foods. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen setup.

Stackable for Easy Storage:

 The baskets are designed to stack neatly, making them ideal for organized storage in your refrigerator. Their material is cold-resistant, ensuring durability and effectiveness in keeping your produce fresh in chilled environments.

Dry-Keeping Draining Plate:

 The design includes a bottom draining plate that keeps fruits and vegetables elevated, preventing them from sitting in water and ensuring they remain dry and fresh longer.


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