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Hole-Free Magnetic Toothbrush Cup Holder with Phone Stand

Hole-Free Magnetic Toothbrush Cup Holder with Phone Stand

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Space-saving Design

Say goodbye to clutter with our wall-mounted organizer, which maximizes space without the need for drilling holes.

Magnetic Cup Holder

Experience the convenience of our magnetic cup holder, designed to hang upside down, allowing efficient drainage and preventing mold and moisture buildup.

Dust-proof Toothbrush Storage

Keep your toothbrushes clean and dry with ease, as our holder protects them from dust and moisture.

Strong Load-bearing Capacity

Rest assured that your items are secure with our sturdy design, capable of holding various bathroom essentials without wobbling.

Eco-friendly Materials

Made from odorless, environmentally friendly materials, our holder ensures safety and peace of mind for every use.


  • Two Cup Set

  • Three Cup Set

  • Four Cup Set

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