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Minimalist Sphere Tissue Box: Elegant, Drill-Free Wall-Mounted Design

Minimalist Sphere Tissue Box: Elegant, Drill-Free Wall-Mounted Design

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One-Second Wall Mounting:

 Featuring a powerful suction cup system, this tissue holder can be securely attached to any smooth surface in just a second, without the need for drilling or tools, preserving your walls and ensuring easy relocation.

Smooth Tissue Dispensing:

The round, smooth paper outlet ensures that tissues are dispensed without tearing or getting stuck, providing a frustration-free experience every time you reach for a tissue.

Strong Bearing Capacity:

 Capable of holding up to 2.5KG, this robust tissue holder promises a secure hold that won’t weaken over time.

Versatile Orientation & Storage:

 Designed for flexibility, it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to fit different spaces and uses. This adaptability makes it ideal for storing a variety of items beyond just tissues, such as face towels, kitchen rolls, or masks.

Easily Removable and Adjustable:

The suction cup design allows for hassle-free removal and repositioning. You can easily change the placement as needed without leaving any residue or damage to the walls.


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