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Smart Cooling: Dual-Head Mini Fan with Adjustable Angles and Night Light

Smart Cooling: Dual-Head Mini Fan with Adjustable Angles and Night Light

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Gentle Night Light:

 In addition to providing a cool breeze, this fan includes a soft, warm night light. Perfect for nighttime use, the gentle illumination is cozy and non-intrusive, enhancing your environment without disturbing your sleep.

Versatile Bottom Hook:

The added bottom hook makes this fan suitable for even more scenarios. Hang it in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where you need both cooling and convenient access to the fan.

Flexible Airflow with Multi-Angle Suspension:

 The fan features multi-angle fixed-point suspension, allowing you to direct the airflow exactly where you need it. Enjoy flexible and targeted cooling for maximum comfort.

Smart Speed Display and Battery Indicator:

With intelligent speed settings and a digital display showing the remaining battery life, you can easily monitor and control your fan’s performance. Say goodbye to battery anxiety with real-time usage updates.

Quick Cooling for Your Car:

Combine the fan with your car’s air conditioning for rapid cooling during hot summer days. The dual-head design ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Clean:

The fan is designed for easy maintenance with detachable parts. Keep your fan clean and running efficiently with minimal effort, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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