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3-in-1 Maifan Stone Frying Pan: Ideal for Eggs, Bacon, and Burgers

3-in-1 Maifan Stone Frying Pan: Ideal for Eggs, Bacon, and Burgers

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Superior Non-Stick Maifan Stone Coating:

Enjoy healthy cooking with our pan's Maifan stone coating, which provides exceptional non-stick performance. This allows you to cook with minimal oil and ensures easy food release and quick cleanup.

Three-in-One Design:

Designed for efficiency, our pan features separate compartments, making it perfect for simultaneously cooking different components of your breakfast. Fry eggs, sizzle bacon, and grill burgers all at once without mixing flavors.

Even Heat Distribution:

The pan's construction ensures even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots and ensuring your food cooks evenly and perfectly every time. This is crucial for perfectly cooked meals, from crispy bacon to tender, juicy steaks.

Uniform Heating:

This ensures that food cooks uniformly, without hot spots that cause burning or sticking, making it suitable for any type of stove, including induction, gas, and electric ranges.

Handle Installation

 Simply align the handle with the provided attachment point on the pan, secure it with screws, and your pan is ready for comfortable and safe handling during cooking.

Easy to Clean:

Its non-stick surface ensures that food remnants can be easily washed away with a simple rinse and wipe, leaving the pan spotless and ready for its next use.

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