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Hydro Shower Jet,Turbo Fan Showerhead, High-pressure Filtering And Water-saving

Hydro Shower Jet,Turbo Fan Showerhead, High-pressure Filtering And Water-saving

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Low pressure and water wastage? Switch to Beroke and revolutionise your shower!

 200% More Water Pressure

 Filters 98% of Bacteria and Harmful Chemicals

✔ 40% Less Water Savings (1.8 GPM)

 Improves Hair and Skin Health 

 Unique Jet Spray Pattern

SMART JET PROPELLER DESIGN: First of its kind, our hydro jet propeller will help increase your weak water pressure by up to 200% instantly. 

HYDRODYNAMIC WATER FLOW: Carefully designed to maximize water flow, saving you money on your water bill while providing the best water pressure.

BUILT-IN WATER PURIFYING FILTER: Effective 100% PP cotton filter that filters most of water impurities such as rust, bacteria, micro-organism and dirt leaving you with a filtered water that's healthy for your hair and skin. (Recommended filter replacement every 2-4 months)

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 1 High quality ABS Plastic Shower heads immune to rust for a longer lasting use. 1 Free 100% PP cotton filter. 


Hydro Shower Jet
High Pressure X
Filtered Water X
Healthy and Safe Water X
Unique Jet Spray Pattern
Soft Water X
Good for the skin and health

Discover Beroke and save water while enjoying a high-pressure shower with integrated filtration.

Transform your everyday life with Beroke, a revolutionary showerhead that combines water-saving, filtration, and an unparalleled experience. Save up to $250 per year, protect your skin and hair with the integrated filter, and enjoy a unique shower experience with its 360° rotating handle.


Savings and eco-friendliness

Thanks to the flow optimisation technology and the Stop/Go button, Beroke allows you to save up to £250 per year while preserving water resources. Adopt an eco-friendly attitude without sacrificing your comfort in the shower.


Beauty and well-being

Beroke is integrated filter removes impurities for healthy, radiant skin and hair. Enjoy the gentle and comfortable water jets that provide a relaxing shower experience, while preserving the natural beauty of your skin and hair.


Unforgettable experience

The 360° rotating handle of TurboSpray allows you to customise your shower experience. The high-pressure water jets are both gentle and comfortable, transforming your shower into a true moment of pleasure and relaxation.

Our Guarantee:

We have a risk-free 30-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product! 

 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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