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Disposable Cling Film Cutter, Wall-Mounted Magnetic Cutting Box

Disposable Cling Film Cutter, Wall-Mounted Magnetic Cutting Box

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Effortless Cutting, Convenient Freshness:

This disposable plastic wrap cutter, with a wall-mounted design and magnetic attachment for the fridge, effortlessly cuts plastic wrap and oil paper. Made from food-grade safe materials, it's convenient and practical, making freshness easier.

Magnetic Design, No More Searching for Knives:

With an innovative magnetic design, easily hang it on the fridge without the hassle of searching for knives. Pull and cut, saving time and effort. A great kitchen assistant for handling various ingredients.

Wall-Mounted Design for Convenient Storage:

With its unique wall-mounted design, you can easily hang it on the wall or the side of your fridge for easy access. It saves space while keeping your kitchen tidy and organized.

Food-Grade Safety, Health Assurance:

Crafted from food-grade materials, it is safe and harmless, suitable for direct contact with food. Disposable cutting helps prevent cross-contamination, keeping your ingredients consistently fresh.


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