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3-in-1 Cooling Mist Fan: Powerful, Quiet, with Auto-Off Timer

3-in-1 Cooling Mist Fan: Powerful, Quiet, with Auto-Off Timer

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Three-In-One Functionality:

Our fan combines cooling, humidifying, and air circulation in one device. Enjoy a refreshing breeze, increased air moisture, and a cooler environment without the need for multiple appliances.

Five Powerful Spray Nozzles & Strong Airflow:

 Equipped with five large spray nozzles, this fan delivers a fine mist that helps reduce temperatures quickly, complemented by a robust airflow that ensures effective cooling across a wide area.

Comfortable Sleep Environment :

Tailor your nighttime cooling with our fan's sleep settings. The timer, combined with the quiet and effective misting and airflow, provides tender care that enhances your sleep without the risk of waking up cold.

Automatic Shut-Off Timer:

Customize your cooling experience with an adjustable timer that can be set for 1-3 hours. This feature ensures that the fan turns off automatically, helping you save energy and prevent overcooling or catching a cold during the night.

Easy to Use and Maintain:

The fan is designed for ease of use with simple controls and easy maintenance. It's ideal for everyday use, providing personal comfort wherever needed—on desks, bedside tables, or small rooms.

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