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Ultra-Thin Smart LED Motion Sensor Light Strip: Magnetic, Rechargeable

Ultra-Thin Smart LED Motion Sensor Light Strip: Magnetic, Rechargeable

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Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor:

 Equipped with a state-of-the-art passive infrared sensor, this LED light strip accurately detects human movement, activating the light as soon as motion is detected within a 3-meter range and 120° wide angle, ensuring effective illumination whenever you need it.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Settings:

 Customize your lighting experience with adjustable brightness and three different light colors, all switchable with just the press of a button. Whether you need cool white light in the kitchen or warm light in the living room, this light adapts to your needs.

Comfortable Side-Lighting Technology:

 Featuring side-lighting equipped with a three-layer light guide, this LED strip provides a soft, comfortable glow that is easy on the eyes, making it perfect for use in spaces you frequently access during low light conditions.

Magnetic Installation with Self-Adhesive:

 Installation is a breeze thanks to the magnetic backing and self-adhesive tape. This dual-option attachment allows for easy placement and removal for charging or repositioning without damaging surfaces.

Ultra-Thin Design:

 At just a few millimeters thick, this LED light strip boasts an ultra-thin design that allows it to be placed in a variety of locations without being noticeable. Its sleek profile makes it ideal for mounting under cabinets, along baseboards, behind furniture, or in any tight space that needs extra light.

Type-C Rechargeable:

 Modern and efficient, the Type-C charging interface allows for fast and convenient recharging, keeping your spaces lit with minimal downtime.


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